June 4, 2015

Superhero Fans Will Enjoy This Collection

When you have Superhero fans at home, you hear lots of stories about these characters. I love hearing the different characteristics and power each of the characters have from my children. I also like it when there are activities to go with the shows they watch. With the Marvel Universe coming to Toronto in August my children were excited to go through every page of this Factivity book. Both my children enjoyed doing the activities and relating it to the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron movie they watched. 
I like when my children read DK readers, as I find it very useful to improve their reading and comprehension skills. These Readers have content children enjoy reading such as this DK Lego superheroes series. When children are interested in these stories they read more willingly and on their own with more enthusiasm. These readers are wonderful to encourage children to read, and to make reading a habit.
Check the inspiring titles at the Superhero Boutique and see which ones your children will be drawn to.
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  1. These look like they'd be really interesting for kids who like superheros. Perfect for summer fun.

  2. My son would be thrilled with this!!


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