May 17, 2015

UNEEK Sports Sandals

UNEEK is the latest innovative concept from KEEN. Its design is simple, as it only features two cords and a sole. I love that it is comfortable for long wear, and is very light and airy. The non-stretch, water repellent polyester cords in the sandals perfectly hugs to the natural shape of our feet allowing us to easily flex and move; when we remove the shoes we can see the imprints of the cords for a few seconds :) 
UNEEK shoes are created to be unlike any shoe you’ve ever seen or put on your feet before. KEEN products are known for their hybrid functionality and versatility, and UNEEK boldly follows suit. The microfiber footbed allows us to relax our feet when we are wearing the sandals, as the soft footbed matches the contours of our feet. UNEEK is available across North America in more than 14 colours for both men and women. With lighter colour options, the shoes can get dirty easily when we are having fun, but it is easy to hand wash with cold water and soap, and air dry. 
These summer sports sandals are perfect for water sports, exploring the trails, city hopping, hanging by the campfire, sipping lattes, and everything in between, UNEEK is the shoe that does it all, comfortably. 

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  1. These UNEEK shoes are really unique so I really like the appropriate name. I love the fact that you can get so many colors and that they are so easily cleaned, They look comfortable and I hope we have a giveaway soon.

  2. Very interesting and very unique! I have to admit they look and sound like they would be comfortable. I will have to check these out, thanks for the introduction.

  3. These are very great looking shoes, the fact you can wear them in the water is great for our cottage days


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