May 13, 2015

Take Out The Soakers Its Hot!

My children love playing with Nerf Soakers. It is one activity they look forward to during warm weather. This year, they couldn't wait to check out the new Nerf Soakers and played with these every chance they got. 

Nerf Super Soaker Flash Flood holds 23 fl.oz or 680 ml of water and flows to 38 feet or 1.5 m. We can either flash strike by pulling the top or pressing the flood strike. 

Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker has three stream soakage triple jets that pump to fire water. It can hold 25 fl oz or 739 ml and water flows to 35 feet or 10.6 m. I am glad that both these new soakers do not require batteries. Playing with soakers are not only for children :) so get these new fun models and enjoy soaking!
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  1. My kids would go to town with these.

  2. My kids bought 2 of these (the cross bow and some other one) for their dad/my husband for his birthday last weekend. Super cool soakers. We need to get a couple smaller ones for our younger kids for their birthdays next month!

  3. These are so fun and refreshing on hot days!

  4. my kids love their super soakers too and enjoy a good water fight too.

  5. this looks like alot of fun - except is is suppose to snow here in Winnipeg on Monday :(


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