May 5, 2015

Moms Will Love These Kitchen Tools

I love the innovative everyday kitchen products from Trudeau. Just in time for Mother's day, they have some fun and interesting new kitchen tools that will quickly become part of our everyday items.
I have always wanted to slice bagels evenly to make bagel chips, and this Bagel Slicing Guide is the perfect tool for that. It has an adjustable outer ring that allows us to safely slice any size bagel to desired thickness. We can cut in half or in multiple layers for bagel chips. The anti-skid base insures added stability, allowing us to cut safely. It all comes apart for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.
Everyone needs sturdy, and pretty kitchen gloves. These bright red kitchen gloves are perfect for smaller hands. When holding heavy pots, I prefer kitchen gloves more than kitchen mitts. One of the things I love about these comfortable gloves with anti-slip silicone grip is that it is thin and does not feel bulky. 
I am glad that it is long enough to provide wrist and forearm protection. The wide opening makes it easy to slip on and off while cooking or baking, it is also perfect to use for outdoor grilling. The exterior is made with fire resistant aramid fibres.
Making a refreshing lemonade, and enjoying during warm weather is something everyone in my family loves. This 2-in-1 dishwasher safe Citrus Juicer can be hand held or used on the counter top. 
It has an integrated seed strainer and citrus zester. I love that the container itself is flexible for easy pouring.
The coffee press remains one of the best ways to customize the infusion of our morning brew. This coffee press is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass with an 18/8 stainless steel filter system. 
The heat resistant handle has a comfort grip and the rubber base protects our tabletop surfaces. It is also perfect for cold brewing.
This colourful set of four ramekins is ideal for hot and cold preparations such as souffl├ęs and appetizers. These ramekins are made of colourful non-stick silicone that is flexible for easy release, and stackable for compact storage. The ramekins are dishwasher safe, as well as heat resistant up to 428°F.

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  1. All r attractive and very useful.

  2. I love them gloves, those would come in handy, and the bagel cutter too!!

  3. Love the gloves, I need to get a pair of those! (Judy Cowan)

  4. Omgosh the Gloves, I Love them gloves.....(Now I know, what I would like for Mother's day =)

  5. I love the bagel slicer! I`d love any of these awesome kitchen gadgets!


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