April 29, 2015

Children's Magazines

I like the different magazines published by Cricket Media for children because they use lots of colourful images, cartoons, contests that encourage children to be engaged critical thinkers. The information in these magazines brings up questions in our children's mind, and it helps develop their natural curiosity to find out things we take for granted.

For example we tend to draw rain as a tear drop, but when water falls it is flat more like a bagel or bean because air pushes against it, and small drops are rounder than bigger drops. I love how it explains information in an interesting way that allows children to understand easily. Ladybug, Spider, Click, and Cricket are magazines that have lots of short stories and poems children will enjoy reading in their leisure.

Ask is an arts and science focused magazine for children age 7 to 10 years. This magazine is informative about many facts from around the world. In the September 2014 edition there were information about turtles, using stinky cheese as glue, stone masks, gravity, roller coasters, and more.
Babybug has colourful short stories, and poems that children learning to read will enjoy. Parents will also like reading the Babybug to babies.
Faces explores people, places, and cultures. My children and I enjoyed reading the October 2014 issue that explores about the life along the Nile. Cobblestone discovers about American history. For example in the October 2014 issue, it explores Washington D. C.
Muse explores about the topics of life such as about earth and soil. Dig is a magazine about history and archaeology. Each issue in this magazine focuses on a topic and explores it in detail. For example, January 2015 issue explores about Vikings, the history, the different views about Vikings, a project to make a long ship, vocabulary, and many more. It confronts myths people have about Vikings, and teaches the readers facts found through archaeology. For example, the horned helmets associated with Viking were found during the Bronze Age, which was 1300 years before the Viking Age.
These magazines published by Cricket Media is wonderful for children to read alternate to books, and I think they are perfect to take with us when we travel because it is lightweight and is loaded with different and interesting information that will contribute in developing our children's knowledge in different subjects.

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  1. Sounds like a great publication. Thanks for the great review.

  2. They look great. My kids love childrens magazines

  3. These magazines look really interesting! thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks very educational.....great topics

  5. I love kids magazines and watching them flip through to see and learn about so many topics. (We used to get NAT geo and OWL lol

  6. I love the raindrop explanation! It makes sense, but I've never thought about it before!

    Thanks for the info!

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