March 21, 2015

Using Washi Tape as Frames

We recently painted our children's room, and to personalize the space we wanted to display art work that my children did on the wall. I used Washi tape to frame around the canvas. This way we can remove and switch the painting as we want and update the wall display without a hassle.
To do this project, I used the canvas paintings we did and attached it easily with duct tape on the back. We used a variety of different Washi and ruban tapes, so the colours from the art work shows better and it looks like a frame. 
For this project you will need... 
Duct Tape
Washi and Ruban tapes
Art work that you have done

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  1. I need to get a hold of some washi tape....that stuff is so useful and impressive!

  2. That's a really neat idea - there are so many nice and fun 'prints' on washi tape to choose from!

  3. They are so petty. Thanks for this idea.

  4. Nice idea for the grandchildren pictures they did for me.

    Florence Cochrane

  5. very nice such a great way to frame up the kids art

  6. I love it,those frames are so cute !

  7. What a cool idea, I've never used washi tape before.


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