March 19, 2015

The Peace and Love Train book Teaches About Acceptance

We enjoyed reading The Peace and Love Train book written by Tyler Kincaid. The author wrote this book with the assistance of her 12-year-old granddaughter Kiley. She was inspired to write and publish this book because of her brother, who is developmentally disabled. I really like how this book encourages children, and reminds adults the importance of acceptance, patience and true humanity.

This book carries young readers on a journey of eight fictional children, who are bullied because they are different: Jimmy is developmentally disabled; Suzi walks with braces on her legs; Tommy is big for his age; Rudy is dark-skinned; Kim wears thick eye glasses; Carmen has trouble speaking; Bobby likes the colour pink and cherishes his Barbie doll, and Cindy loves playing with pick-up trucks. 

We like the colourful illustrations and how simple it is to read and understand the message and have conversations. The book also has a question guide in the end of the book, which is helpful in opening up conversations and talking to our children. This book The Peace and Love Train shows how we can change our attitudes and help overcome bullying that is happening in many forms today. It reminds us that we are all different and unique, but we have the same wants of being accepted and loved. I think this book is a wonderful resource to read aloud with children, and for children to read by themselves and to others and learn about inclusion and recognizing that everyone is unique and special.

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