March 9, 2015

French Bakery Inspired Design

I used a kitchen cloth with a red border, which I purchased from my local fabric store to do this fun and quick project. Painting this kitchen cloth and giving it a French Flair was easy because of the French Bakery Stencil I used. This cloth looks like it is from a bakery, and it is wonderful for my food photography. To do this project I used...

Steel Grey paint
French Bakery Stencil
Kitchen cloth 
Masking tape
Spouncer applicator 
First, tape the stencil to the kitchen cloth and secure it with masking tape so it will not move when you paint.
Then use a spouncer applicator and paint.
Let it dry before removing the stencil.
Wash the stencil and store it for another use.

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  1. Cute French inspired design.

  2. Very pretty, I really like it. (Judy Cowan)

  3. Love the french inspiration! Makes me crave macarons lol

  4. I have been stencilling on t-shirts lately; always looking for good stencils!

  5. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this Kitchen cloth! I will have to make my own now from your instructions!

  7. i love it,would like to make one


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