January 6, 2015

Knitting Needle Holder

I made this knitting needle holder to keep my knitting needles and other knitting tools organized, so I can easily find what I am looking for. This allows me to store all my knitting tools in one place without it taking up lots of space. 

To make your own Knitting Needle Holder follow the instructions and pictures below... I have not provided with measurements, as you can organize the needles the way you want before cutting the cloth to make it smaller or bigger.

First, lay all the needles and see how you want to organize it.
Then mark it with a pencil and stitch around the sides (except for one of the width sides so you can put the pair of needles).
I used labels that would stick on fabric and wrote with a marker the needle size and the tool I plan to keep inside the slot.
This way, I can see what I have and get the needles and other knitting tools easily.
I placed all the tools inside the slots, and rolled up the stitched knitting needle holder and tied it up with a stretchy ribbon. Now, I can keep this with the rest of my organized craft tools and find the needles when I want to knit.
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