January 14, 2015

Baby Play for Everyday Making Finger Puppets

Baby Play for Everyday is a book with 365 activities that we can do with children during their first year. This book will keep the babies and us entertained, while encouraging the child's development. There are indoor play, outdoor play, craft and messy play, music and more. The book suggests activities that we can do using everyday objects and our imagination without buying expensive toys.
The content is separated by months, and it is easy to follow and enjoy. The activities allow us to create closeness to the children, which is the motive of successful playtime. I believe play based learning is the best way to grasp skills for any age. The book gives parents lots of knowledge about the child's developmental needs and how to be there for the baby such as talking to the baby, stroking the baby, spending time and how to eat well and do simple exercises such as calming yoga poses involving the baby. 
I made these finger puppets inspired by this book. To make these finger puppets, I used...
thread to match the felt
There are two ways you can cut the felt. Click on the picture from the book on the top of this post that shows the instructions to see how you can cut the felt using a template or use my technique the picture below, in which I cut the felt depending on which finger I wanted the puppet to fit.
I stitched the different features I wanted on the finger puppet.
Then I folded the puppet to stitch the top and the long side. 
For the hippo I had to stitch both of the long sides.
Using different textured and coloured felt from Kunin made it easy for me to get the zebra look for this puppet without having to stitch little pieces of felt. I think this book is an invaluable resource for parents and educators, as it gives lots of ideas for play that can be setup in minimum time to have maximum play value. There are books like this one, and more at DK's Start Fresh boutique, so check it out.
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  1. These are the cutest little finger puppets! Love them!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  2. These are very cute. What a cool book.


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