December 3, 2014

Cupcakes Made With Felt

These felt cupcakes look good enough to eat :) I made these following the instructions from the Made by Me book. It would be neat to make these cupcakes, and give as a toy for children to play with, or use it as a pin cushion, or make mini ones to wear as a brooch.  To make a cupcake you will need...
Felt three different colours
Embroidery thread two different colours
Three objects to make the circle shape 
Polyester filling

I used a bottle (for the top decor circle), bottle lid (middle size circle), and a masking tape roll (two large circles) to trace my circle shapes on the felt. The smallest piece is for decor to put on top of the middle size, and the middle size is to be stitched on top of the largest circle shape. 
Stitch the smallest circle to the top of the middle sized circle using lots of little short stitches to resemble sprinkles. Then place the middle size shape with the attached small circle to the top of one of the large pieces and use another thread colour to stitch short stitches. Then place the other large piece to the bottom of the stitched pieces and sew around with about 1/4" space using a long stitches, leave a gap to place the polyester filling and pull the thread to gather up the fabric.   
Once the cupcake is filled with polyester filling, finish stitching the opening part of the felt and tug the thread a little more to make pleats for the cupcake, and secure the stitch before cutting off the extra thread. 
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  1. oh , such a cute craft! My daughter would love to make it! Thank you!

  2. This is such an adorable craft idea!! Thank you for sharing it!


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