October 7, 2014

Using Social Media For a Positive Change We365

I had the pleasure of attending We Day in Toronto where 20,000 students earned their ticket to be part of the event, by making a commitment through the We Act program to take action on at least one local and one global initiative of their choice. We Day features some of the world’s pop stars, social change-makers, and more importantly celebrates our youth and the work that they’ve done to give back in their communities.
This stadium-sized event connects world-renowned speakers and performers - from Malala Yousafzai, Magic Johnson and Sir Richard Branson to Demi Lovato, Nelly Furtado and Jennifer Hudson - together with students and educators to learn about some of today’s pressing social issues, helping to inspire them to become leaders and global citizens to take action on the issues most important to them. 
TELUS is proud to help inspire young leaders and support positive social change #changeisinyourhands as the national co-title sponsor of We Day. TELUS is guided by their philosophy "we give where we live" and is committed to improve the lives of Canadians and their communities through the power of technology. 
We Day, which is held in the US, Canada and the UK is one of the world’s largest registered charities on social media, with more than 3.8 million followers on Facebook and 1 million on Twitter.

Together with Free The Children, TELUS has created We365, a free app that allows young people to use their phone for good and make positive social change, every day of the year. The app enables young people to track and verify their volunteer activities, learn about causes, take daily challenges and rally their friends around for positive social change, and earn badges for a chance to get hooked up with awesome prizes each month. The app tracks volunteer hours, which can be shared electronically and this removes the need to keep track of all the paperwork.
Get started on We365 and take daily challenges to make the world a better place. If you care about endangered animals, then there is a challenge for that. If you want to put an end to bullying, then there is a challenge for that, too. 

Until November 30, TELUS will donate $5 to We Day for every download of We365, and for every tablet purchased on a two- year Easy Tablet offer they will donate $25 to We Day to a maximum of $500,000. 
We Day is tied to the year-long We Act program, which offers free educational resources, student-led campaigns and support materials to help turn the event’s inspiration into sustained action. Together We Day and We Act provide a blueprint to raise a generation of active global citizens that are educated and inspired to make the world a better place.

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  1. Wow it looks like such a positive experience. I will definitely be downloading We365.

  2. I love and appreciate the arts at any level

  3. We Day is awesome and now an app. that is super great!!


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