August 8, 2014

Homemade Play Dough with 2 ingredients

Playing with dough has lots of benefits for children. It is inexpensive and easy to make play dough at home. This inedible dough is made with two ingredients that are easily available at home. This dough is made using hair conditioner, can be used with preschoolers and older children that will not put it in the mouth.
Manipulating dough will help children improve their physical skills, both fine motor and gross motor depending on the way they sit and play with it, using their fingers and tools. I also find that playing with dough helps children emotionally as it calms them, and it is a satisfying, enjoyable activity that gives hours of fun.  
1 cup cornstarch
5 tbsp conditioner*

*you might need more conditioner.

Knead the cornstarch with 2 tbsp of conditioner at a time until the dough comes together and is soft. It should not be sticky or dry. It takes a little bit of time to knead this dough. 
When playing with this dough it may crumble a little, however it sticks together when compressed.
This dough smells good depending on the type of hair conditioner or cream you choose to use. It is a perfect time to connect with our little ones, have lots of conversation and fun when they are playing with dough.

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  1. very creative recipe and great quick idea since these are things always on hand.

  2. cool, havent come across this recipe before

  3. Very cool! I would NEVER have thought to combine these two ingredients! ha :)

  4. this is so easy to make and endless creativity
    (Debbie W)

  5. Oh thank you!! I had a recipe I lost a long time ago, was just 3 ingredients I think and Alum being one if I'm remembering correctly, thanks so much!

  6. What an easy recipe for play dough and will be passing it on to my daughter for her kids. It is also a more frugal way which I like as I know the grandkids are always leaving their play dough out of its containers.

  7. Sweet! So much easier than the flour and salt one that you have to do on the stove! And my kids conditioner smells so good so this play dough will smell great

  8. This is such a simple great recipe.

  9. This is a nice recipe thank you

  10. My kids are really going to enjoy making this. You are going to make our summer much more fun with all these amazing ideas. Thank you :).


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