July 24, 2014

Fun at Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland located in the city of Vaughan is Canada’s first and largest theme park that opened in 1981, features over 200 attractions, 69 rides, Splash Works, live shows and more. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Canada’s Wonderland.
When going with the family, stopping by the height check station first will be helpful, so children can get wristbands and make sure they meet the height requirements and can go on the rides safely.
Thrill seekers will love the many rides at Canada’s Wonderland such as the...
Leviathan that dominates the park’s landscape, and takes riders to breathtaking heights and speeds. Towering at a record breaking 306 feet, and dropping down at an 80 degree drop, reaching speeds of 148km/hour. 
Behemoth, Vortex, Dragon Fire, The Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Thunder Run, and more are other fun and thrilling rides to enjoy.
We also checked out the new interactive 4-D ride Wonder Mountain’s GuardianRiders will encounter mythical creatures as they navigate 1,000 feet of coaster track through a desolate forest, underground lake and Draconian City. The quest culminates as riders enter the dragon’s lair for the ultimate battle with a heart stopping finale that will shock thrill seekers of all ages. The stunning 3D effects overlaid with 4-D elements such as the simulating wind, movement and more are lots of fun. 

Family rides for people who prefer milder thrills...
Spinovator, Klockwerks, Antique Carousel, Krachenwagen, Silver Streak and more. 
Children will enjoy Planet Snoopy and Kidzville, as they go on rides like Character Carrousel, Snoopy vs. Red Baron, Snoopy's Space Race, Chopper Chase, Frequent Flyers and more. One of our favourite was taking a trip in the Jokey's Jalopies as my children drove it. 
Water rides...
White Water Canyon, Splash Works rides like the Body Blast, Barracuda Blaster and more are lots of fun; don't forget your swimming gear or cotton clothing that will dry up soon and a towel :) 
Other excitements... 
Dinosaurs Alive an interactive and educational experience that will appeal to everyone. Live entertainments like the Dimensions: A Cirque Experience, Charlie Brown's Pirate Adventure at the Playhouse Theatre, shows like the British Invasion at the International Showplace, and more are other excitements at Canada's Wonderland. 
If you enjoy rides, one day isn't enough to explore all the fun at Canada's Wonderland, so purchasing a season pass to use between May to October would be benefiting.  
Since we can't take food or drinks inside Canada's Wonderland, there are lots of food options that abide by special dietary needs. The Market Place is a good place to dine, as they have buffet meals. They also have dining deals to keep us fuelled. Don't miss the yummy Funnel Cakes or BeaverTails to wrap up the day at Canada's Wonderland.  
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  1. I live in BC but I did manage to get to Canada's Wonderland back wayyyy back in 2000 on my cross Canada train trip. I loved watching my husband go on all the scary rides as I'm too wimpy:)

  2. I hope vey much to take my kids to Canada's Wonderland someday!

  3. It looks like you all had a great day! I live really close to Canada's Wonderland and I remember enjoying the park when I was a child.

  4. As someone without children this is really not for me

  5. seems to be super fun with lots of rides to enjoy .Recently visited a theme park like this .

  6. We love Canada's wonderland! We haven't been in years though, my older son wants to go

  7. I would love to visit this amazing place

  8. we love wonderland! so thankful that we were able to take our girls for their first time just before halloween. they had a blast


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