June 2, 2014

Ideas On Things To Do In The Summer and Creative Club Inc.

Recently my children and I went to check out the Creative Club Inc. that was started by Rob Gray, also known as The Lego Man. The Creative Club Inc. is an educational company committed to engage, challenge and empower participants through creative play. Rob realized he could make a major impact to children by helping them understand math through LEGO or watch a shy child become social by being part of LEGO building projects and more. His goal was to make learning come alive.
They offer programs for children and adults to learn, be creative, use their imaginations, and enhance skills in areas such as creativity, imagination, problem-solving, team work, spatial planning, decision making, time management, communication, presentation and more.

They have programs such as
  • Lunchtime and After School programs
  • In-class curriculum-based programs and presentations
  • Dedicated LEGO Math Nights for parents and children
  • Birthday Parties
  • The LEGO Building Road Show
  • Creative Club Camp for children age 5 to 12
With the Summer holidays approaching here are some ideas on what we can do.
  • Since there are endless camp options, as parents we can give our children exposure to a little taste of many different activities, which will potentially allow our children to discover a new passion.
  • Keeping our children learning all summer long is important. We could have our children make a personal scrapbook of their summer experiences that can be added daily or weekly. By making their own scrapbook, they will have a great memory of their summer, while reading, writing and getting those creative juices flowing.
  • Baking, cooking and creating with food are ways we can teach our children about nutrition, and let them explore.
  • Getting outside, playing and breaking a sweat in the summer shine is a wonderful way to spend time with each other and make memories. 
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  1. My daughter is 4 and she would have loved this!

  2. This sound like an amazing program and offers some valuable actitives

  3. What a wonderful program this sounds like! I hope something like this expands to our area!

    1. Hi Heidi, LEGO Man here. We would love to come out to your area with our programs. Where do you reside?

    2. Hi Rob, Heidi is based in Moncton NB :)

  4. Sounds like a very educational but fun program! I wish they had it when I was young.

  5. Wow a great program to keep the kids entertained!

  6. What a great program, and I love your ideas on how to keep the kids busy!

  7. awesome program.Great for the kids!


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