February 12, 2014

Entertaining Sticker Books

DK books are hosting a special Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sticker Book boutique for the next few weeks inspired by the cabin fever that is taking place in family households across Canada this freezing cold winter. 

When using the Ultimate Sticker Collection books, children will learn to match shapes and use their fine motor skills to place it in the spot. To use the books, read the captions in the booklet, turn to the sticker pages and choose the picture that best fits. Sticker labels give clues, and the stickers can be removed and replaced. My children enjoyed that there are extra stickers that they could use to place in other places.

The Smithsonian Ultimate Sticker Activity Collection had facts about dinosaurs that my children enjoyed reading about. There are mazes, spotting things that don't belong, matching pairs, jigsaws, completing challenges and more.

Nothing beats a sticker book on a cold day when you are stuck inside; so do take advantage of this sale for your little ones.
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