February 7, 2014

Cycling to Grandma’s House

Cycling to Grandma’s House is written by an award winning community development practitioner, teacher and writer Jac Torres-Gomez, with illustrations by Erin-Claire Barrow. Jac Torres-Gomez wrote the book to help parents, caregivers and teachers start talking to children about menstruation in an interesting, open and positive way. The book is aimed at children age 6 to 12 and includes helpful tips and notes for parents and educators to start this crucial discussion.

Currently, there is a lack of educational, mainstream information and dialogue around menstruation throughout the world. Too often, young girls receive no information at all about menstruation and are left to cope alone and, often, in fear. 

Cycling to Grandma’s House is a cheerful and adventurous story that follows Luna on her quest to discover the most incredible thing about being a girl. The delightful picture book allow children to become more familiar with the meaning of menarche and help reduce any anxiety and fear related to this. The book also has some basic cultural celebrations related to menstruation. 

I like that the word "cycling" was used as a title for this book because it is cycle that women go through, and this cycle is important for reproduction, life cycle and more. I didn't really like the colours in the cover of the book that resemble blood stains. However, the pictures within the book were wonderfully illustrated and went along with the content. We really enjoyed reading about what other cultures do to celebrate this special and recognize this important occasion. In my culture, we too celebrate by giving gifts and jewellery to the girl, making the girl feel special like a princess. 

Many cultures do not speak of menstruation or celebrate its importance, which is known to impact the self esteem of girls and make them feel ashamed of this blessing. I think this a good book that recognizes the importance of it and allows us to easily speak about it with our children. We as parents should talk to both our daughters and sons to teach them that menstruation is an important transition from childhood to adulthood. Including boys in this conversation will help them be a positive support to girls as they grow up.

This powerful new Australian children’s book is breaks the long held taboo by tackling the issue of menstruation and menarche (the first menstrual bleed by a woman). The picture book has already captured global interest, with requests received to translate the book into Portuguese, Spanish and Slovakian. We can order this book online through Lulu.com and Amazon. The prices of the book in Canada: ebook: $9.60; paperback: $26.59 Hardcover: $40.12. You can download information and fact sheets at www.crimsonmovement.com

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  1. Interesting. Yes, we should teach our childrens. I feel this is a primary responsibility for us, once our daughter/son reached teenage,


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