October 1, 2013

What We Do In Our Garden During Fall

The gardening season is almost coming to an end for this year... so I find spending a little bit of time each day will help us get ready to clean up and prep things for the next gardening season. Here are some of the things my husband and I do in our garden during fall.

Spending a few minutes every other day to deadhead the plants can prevent unwanted seedlings from falling into the soil and this will also extend the blooming season. To do this job of deadheading easily and neatly, I like using my CUTCO gardening tools. The CUTCO pruning shear is sharp and allows me to easily prune without the need for putting pressure on my hands when I cut off branches etc.
Fall is the time to plant bulbs that bloom in spring such as crocus and tulips. Fall is also the best time to divide plants such as hostas and transplant it or share with friends and family. We also remove dahlia tubers, prep them and store it during winter and use it for the following gardening season. It is also a good time to add plants/ trees that add colour and focal points such as Japanese maple.

We also take the time to do a thorough clean up and store our garden furniture, tools, bird feeders, bird baths etc and get things organized and ready for spring. Since there is a lot to do in the garden during fall/ autumn, from digging to pruning we prefer to have quality tools from CUTCO, which make our job easy and stress-free.

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  1. Preparation is everything. I love gardening

  2. Thanks for a great post, wish I had a garden, I really miss it.

  3. Great tips thank for helping me learn to be a better gardener!

  4. Thanks for the information. I need to do more gardening.

    Florence C

  5. thanks fall gardening is great, but I hate the cleanup lol

  6. There's lots to do in the garden in the Fall; unfortunately by the time I realize Fall is really here, it's too cold for the chores to be enjoyable!


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