October 9, 2013

Making Magic Carpets For An Aladdin and Jasmine Themed Party

My daughter is a Disney princess fan and my son a Marvel Heroes fan, so we are very excited about the new Kinder partnership with Disney princess and Marvel Heroes toys. Two in three eggs within the specially marked Disney princess or Marvel Heroes Kinder surprise packages will have their favourite character. Browse and vote for your favourite toys on Kinder Facebook.
My son was super excited that one of his Kinder eggs had Captain America, which is his favourite Marvel hero. He was playing with it for a long time and has safely kept it in his treasure box instead of the toy box. 
My daughter has many favourite princesses and recently it is all about Jasmine, so we decided to make magic carpets using a few easy to find material. We could make these coasters for an Aladdin/ Jasmine themed party. 
You can either provide the craft material for the guest to make their own during the party or make a few beforehand and use them as coasters or decoratively for the party and allow the guests to take one home. I always like to plan around the things my children like when I plan a party so they get super excited and remember the fun of it more.
To make the magic carpets you will need...
Felt cloth in any colour 
Two pieces of decorative cloth 
Shiny decorative flat stones with glue backing
First cut the felt cloth into a rectangle. Then cut into the wide edge of the felt cloth so it will resemble a mat; the amount you cut depends on the size of the rectangle for our mat we cut about a 1 1/2". 
Then cut the two decorative cloth into rectangles, one piece smaller than the other. Stitch the large rectangle piece onto the felt. 
Then keep the smaller decorative rectangle in the middle of the large decorative rectangle and stitch it. Decorate the mat with flat stones and enjoy the carpet ride. 
If you don't put decorative stones in the middle piece then it can be used as a stable coaster or if you choose to decorate all over the magic carpet then it would be a bright carpet that would be beautiful to display with.

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  1. My daughters are also big fans of Disney Princesses. Love the cute little carpet.

  2. Great idea for an aladdin birthday! Have a great party!

  3. What an awesome idea, I think I just might try this myself!

  4. b.squires So creative, love it !!

  5. I wish I could go back in time and do a theme party. I love Cinderella.
    (Debbie W)

  6. you are so creative wonderful idea ty


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