July 11, 2013

An Easy Meal We Made During Our Camping Trip

When we went on our camping trip we made hotdog buns and other goodies for a meal. This delicious hotdog bun was fun and easy to make. 
To make these buns you will need...
salad leaves
1 tbsp oil
ketchup or hot sauce
Heat the oil and cook the hotdogs. Then add the onions and let it soften; either keep the cooker in low heat or keep it covered until the onions have become soft. 
Then cut the buns and place the onions, hotdog, salad leaves, tomatoes and ketchup before serving it warm.
What's camping without s'mores :) which we made for dessert...
graham crackers
halal marshmallows (not from this kit)

Toast the marshmallows over a campfire and place it in between the graham crackers and chocolate.
We love our tea in the morning so we made some with...
2 cups water*
1 tbsp chopped ginger
1 tbsp tea leaves
2 to 3 tbsp condensed milk

I boiled the water, put chopped fresh ginger and a tbsp of tea leaves and let it boil for a few minutes. Then I switched the cooker off and mixed in the condensed milk. Then strained the tea into cups and enjoyed :) 

*I took hot water and extra drinking water with us. To keep the hot water stay hot, we used this pump carafe that held heat retention for more than a day; I am very impressed. I like that it has a strong carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport. The large opening allowed us to easily fill the carafe. The lockable pump ensured that the kids were not going to press the pump on top. 
To put hot food fill the carafe with hot water and keep a side for a few minutes then throw it out and put the content. This Trudeau pump carafe keeps hot liquid hot and cold liquid cold. 
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  1. These were very good suggestions .

  2. Love that Carafe!! Thank you for posting!

  3. wonderful idea for camping or picnic trips...

  4. my whole family hates camping, lol none of us can get past the bugs, lol

  5. Great tips! We have tried the s'mores kit, great product for the kids!

  6. mmmm, that hot dog looks amazing! Maybe I will make that for lunch today

  7. Smore's mmmm need I say more?
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  8. looks yummy and smores for dessert is great


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