May 30, 2013

A list to make sure our vehicles are ready for upcoming road trips

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We are very excited that it is almost time for road trips. This means we will be spending more time in our vehicles visiting attractions. I think it is a good idea to make sure we give our vehicles love and care they need especially after the long winter we have had. Here is a list of vehicle spring cleaning reminders from Insurance Hunter that will be useful to have.
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• It is important to take our vehicles for a spring maintenance to ensure everything is in good shape after the cold winter.
• Clean the interior by removing the bulky rubber winter floor mats and replacing it with normal mats. 
• Replace the winter kit such as the winter gloves and shovels for a summer survival kit with towel, sun screen, and sunglasses :) 
• If you are like me then I am sure there are lots of things in the trunk that needs to be taken care of.  During winter things usually build up in the trunk i.e. clothes to take to goodwill, the tobaggan etc., so this is a good time to clean everything out and start fresh. 
• It is time to get rid of all the road salt and dirt from winter by cleaning the interior of our vehicle, polishing and vacuuming the carpets to freshen things up.
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