March 17, 2013

Striped check stitch knitted scarf

To make this striped check stitch knitted scarf you will need... 
4 ply worsted weight yarn 
4 1/2mm needle 

I casted 21 stitches, but if you want the scarf to be wider cast on a multiple of 6 stitches plus 3 extra. 
After casting follow the pattern below to get a striped check stitch pattern. 
  Row 1 and all odd numbered rows K 
  Row 2 K 
  Rows 4 and 6 P3, *K3, P3 repeat 
  Rows 8 and 10 K 
  Rows 12 and 14 K3, *P3, K3 repeat 
  Row 16 K 
  Repeat rows 1 to 16 until desired length. 
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  1. Love this scarf will have to give it a try as the pattern seems pretty straight forward!


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