March 5, 2013

Million Moments of being a Mom

Petting a deer... innocence of childhood
Fisher-Price is launching the Million Moments of Joy campaign that celebrates the REAL joys of motherhood. I know we all have the joyful, good, scary, stressful and ridiculous moments we've experienced throughout the years. Our journey of motherhood starts from the first day of our pregnancy.
My son's first time under a sprinkler during a hot summer day in the park.
I had overall good pregnancy experiences with both my children.  I loved it when I felt my babies kicked and when my belly was getting bigger everyday :) Although, I did have moments of morning sickness and irritability. I gained a lot of baby weight because I couldn't control all my cravings ;) thankfully it was baby weight that I lost overtime. We were OVERjoyed when we had our children, although delivering babies were scariest moments in my life.  

I was and still am OVERjoyed when I think about their first smiles, every time they tightly held my fingers, their smell, cuddles, when they first turned from their belly, first time they crawled, balanced, walked, waddled, ran, ate solids, raked the garden, first lessons in soccer, swam, oh there are so many... even now when they say the funniest things they crack me up. Getting a "I love you mom hug" and "I missed you today" is somethings I am truly thankful for as they are beautiful blessings.

There were also many days I felt OVERtired and OVERwhelmed because my son barely slept when he was a baby.  I didn't know what to do as he kept me awake all the time.  I had so much to do during the day because my eldest was 3 years older than him, so as a preschooler she needed my attention in lots of things.  My husband and I were definitely tooooo tired and very stressed during the earlier years but looking back I don't think I would give anything to trade, we learned a lot and learned to appreciate each other and be thankful :) 

Being a mother is a very important part of my way of life.  I feel honoured by this blessing and take all the OVER moments as it comes thanking God for giving me strength during the OVER moments that were hard.  And for the family and friends that were there when we needed them :)

Loving the journey of being a mother :)

Disclosure: I am participating in the Million Moments of Joy campaign by MC Canada on behalf of Fisher-Price.  As a thank you for sharing my opinion I received compensation.  All rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2011 - 2013. Please Ask First


  1. A lot of things in life are like that - the things that are hardest to live through give you the most memories later! :)

  2. Kids make life worth living that's for sure


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