October 19, 2012

Respect is a virtue

Respect is a virtue, lets start it from inside our homes so we can change the world.  

Schools are teaching about Respect and then there are countless incidents that happen everyday that contradicts this virtue.  We walk into the office or building and the first person we meet is the secretary or an administrative person.  How likely do we get a "Good Morning or How may I help you?"
And there are many more simple examples

  • How many times do we see someone holding the door when we enter a building, or how many times do we hear someone saying thank you.
  • No one bothers to picks up anything that falls on the ground, even if it is food that they drop at the grocery store.
  • People think their family and children are precious, while other people's family and children aren't.
  • Many people have lost their manners in public, saying whatever they want, swearing and not bothering about how this could be a form of bullying or hurt someone.  
  • Putting up the feet in the theatres and not worrying about the person in the front.  
  • Not respecting signs i.e. driving, no food allowed or no smoking.    
  • People making assumptions that they know better or they speak the universal language English better when they see someone that doesn't look like them
  • When how we look or dress matters!
Start thinking, how we can change ourself and our families/friends because how we respect someone changes their life.
Respect everyone and everything (including the environment) by greeting or at least smiling because this is good for our own heart and it can change someone's life.

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  1. I remember in high school we had a teacher that started off the year by telling us that we all had his respect - we didn't have to earn it, it was just there because we were humans. BUT - if we wanted it to remain, we had to work hard at it. I thought that this was such a great way to start, because most of the teachers felt we needed to respect them because they were teachers, but that we had to earn theirs....

  2. Respect is a HUGE part of our parenting structure around here. If we don't show our children respect and model it in our everyday behaviour how can we possibly expect them to show it? We are raising children in a world of entitlement and I'll be darned if our girls are going to grow up thinking the world and those around them owe them something.

  3. This is so true!

    I had an older woman tell me she was so happy to hear a mother ask her child to say thank you (after I handed him a snack while shopping). I was shocked that what I do naturally is not the norm anymore. Of course, you teach your kids to say please and thank you!

    I can't count the number of times while I was hugely pregnant and waddling that men and women let a door close in my face as I was exiting a building. It's sad really.

  4. Great advice. My parents taught me to show respect - we always called anyone their age by "Mr." or "Mrs." and offered to help people and stuff like that. I think it makes a difference when kids are dating age too - my dad always held the door for me so I noticed when guys did that for me. (I married one of them...) Respect is important but so overlooked these days.


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