August 11, 2012

Making pillowcases

To make pillowcases you will need...
cloth 60" length and 38" wide
a printed cloth 60" length and 4" wide
Sewing machine

1. First attach the printed fabric to the plain cloth on the width side (the green shaded part) with pins and then stitch it.
2. Then fold it in half so the wrong side is facing you.
3. Stitch both of the long sides and the wide side that doesn't have the printed cloth.  
This pillow measures 21" wide and 30" length.
These simple pillowcases can be made within a few minutes.  Adding contrasting prints to plain material will give it a pretty look.  
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  1. What a lovely tutorial and your pillow cases are so pretty!!
    Do you mind if I pin this to my DIY & Crafts board on Pinterest? :-)
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. These pillow cases are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Also, I just love the fabric you used! Cute!

  3. These are really pretty. I could make them with my girls. Thanks!

  4. Such a FUN personal touch! Easy enough, thanks for sharing!

  5. SO CUTE! I love 'em!!! I'd love to make some...but would prefer if you made them for me. LOL! ;) xoxo


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