May 5, 2012

Flicka Country Pride

Flicka Country Pride is a heartwarming family adventure based on Mary O'Hara's popular novel My Friend Flicka.  The movie is on Blu-ray and DVD with behind-the-scene features, which is available at Walmart, Sam's club and Walmart online.

Flicka Country Pride is lovely movie to watch during the Mother's Day weekend with the whole family.  We enjoyed this fabulous countryside movie with stables and horses.  There were moment of sadness, laughter and excitement while we watched Flicka.
I haven't watched the previous Flicka movies, but after watching Flicka country pride I am looking forward to watch those as well. 

Towards the beginning of the movie a ranch owner Toby takes a job as a Manager at Cherry creek farms and he brings some of his horses with him.  One of these horses is Flicka a wild mustang horse.  The Cherry creek farm is run by a mother and a teenage daughter who is facing emotional and financial crisis at this time.  The farm owner's daughter Kelly bonds with Flicka and she hopes to take Flicka to a horse competition.  There are lots of drama that happen before they get to go to the competition between friends, teenage romance and boys, mother and daughter relationships and Toby helping the family.  
It was a lot of fun to watch how the rider and horse get ready for the competitions.  Overall it is a good movie to watch as a family.  

While adding Flicka Country Pride to the  list of movies to watch, here are a few other movies that show strong bond between mother and daughter that you might like 
The Joy Luck Club, Anywhere But Here, White Oleander, Spanglish and Mamma Mia.

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  1. I did read reviews on this movies and looks like worth watching for the bonding and meaning of love.


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