May 20, 2012

Burgers and Grilling tips

Cooking on the grill during summer is one anticipated activity we all wait for.  Grilling correctly will help us enjoy our summer BBQs.

Here are five tips from Chef Tom Filippou, President's choice cooking school.

1. Get equipped with the right tools such as long handled steel brush to clean the grill, tongs for flipping, basting brush, spray water bottle to dampen hot flames.
2.  To get perfect grilling marks generously oil the grill before cooking.  Use a clean rag soaked with cooking oil or piece of beef.
3.  To keep the meat juicy add salt right before putting the meat on the grill.
4.  Use a meat thermometer to check if the meat is cooked without cutting.
5.  Don't prick or pierce while grilling.  Use tongs to flip this will maintain natural juices and tenderness.

For this burger
I used store bought burgers and buns
mayonnaise and mustard to apply on the buns
salad leaves
cucumber cut into thin slices
peri-peri sauce
hot sauce
chillie sauce

Assemble and enjoy.

President's Choice BBQTown party
There is an online contest that asks Canadians to band together to nominate their community for a chance to win a BBQTown party for their community.

One Canadian community will win fantastic food for up to 5000 people, a performance by Hedley a recording group and $25000 will be donated on behalf the community to PC Children's Charity to support local nutrition program.  The community will also get to set a new World Record for most hamburgers assembled in one hour.  Here are the nominations.  Check out your local Loblaws for a variety of PC BBQ products.

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  1. Yummy looking burgers with great tips...thanks for sharing!!
    Spicy Treats

  2. Thanks for tips

  3. Great! Really informative! I'd be sure to follow every tip since summer would be a long list of outdoor BBQ/grill events. Thanks! This recipe looks really delicious!

  4. Great tips!!!! Your burger looks yummy too. Makes me wish I had one right now!

  5. These are on my must bake soon list.

  6. What a fabulous recipe looks delicious.

  7. burgers are good anytime of the year

  8. I always added salt to my burgers while on the grill- I had no idea I should've been adding it before! Thank you for the tips!

  9. Thank you for the tips I didn't know about adding the salt right before grilling and I will have to look for peri peri sauce I have not heard of this

  10. Yummy! I've never added cucumbers to my burgers but I love the idea, I will have to try this.


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