February 10, 2012

REAL educational magazine and pattern for knit slippers

R.E.A.L which stands for Read Everything And Learn is a Canadian kids' magazine written and printed in Canada. It has 2 editions, one targeted towards elementary students from kindergarten to grade 3; and a Junior edition targeted to students from grade 4 to 6.

This magazine is colourful; and it is beautifully written and illustrated. There is no advertising in the magazine. The children's literature is levelled on the table of content the same way it is taught in Canadian schools.

It is definitely an interesting media for children to read during their spare time at home, school or while travelling. The magazine has lots of poems, fiction, non-fiction, folk tales, funny stories, short stories, word puzzles and cross word puzzles.

Here is a funny example of a short story from Vol 8 Summer 2011 Tamara's toes.
This story is about a little girl who wanted to learn tap dancing. Her mother said that she will buy Tamara the dancing shoes on her birthday. But the dance lessons were starting before her birthday. So Tamara was in a dilemma, and decides that she will practice the dance moves with her fuzzy slippers so she would know how to dance when she gets her dancing shoes.
My daughter inferred this story to her own slippers, that I just knitted for her as it looks like the one in the illustration; and she is quite like Tamara :) The pattern to make the silly slippers is in the bottom of this post.

The attractive pictures and creative writing kept my children excited as they looked through the magazine several times. As a parent, I like this type of media has it opens up many topics to discuss with the children. It is also handy and perfect when travelling to keep the children entertained.
Here is the pattern to make these silly slippers from the book Quick knits.

Knitted with 8 mm needles using eyelash novelty yarn or fun fur and chunky weight yarn.
Measure the bare feet and subtract 1" and make the slippers that length.

Use both the yarns at the same time, hold the ends together make a slipknot about 40" from the end and cast 14 for small leg or 18 for large. You will need the long yarn tail to sew it up.
Knit every row (garter stitch) for up to 2/3 rd the length of the finished slipper.
Then Purl one row and Knit one row (stockinette stitch) until it measure the length you need.
Cut the yarn 20" tail and thread the yarn needle. Slide the stitches from the knitting needle to the yarn needle catching all the double loops.
With the slippers inside out pull the yarn to gather the stitches into a toe circle and stitch the hole with the yarn needle.
Stitch the top of the slipper from the toe to just past the end of the stockinette stitched area. Then finish the stitch, weave in and trim the yarn.
Use the other yarn tail to stitch the heel together, weave in and trim. Turn the slipper right side out. Stitch a button or anything decorative on top of the slipper (optional). Make another slipper and enjoy or give it as a gift.
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