October 29, 2011

Fall decorations

This time of the year when turkeys are available, we will decorate with some too ...

You will need...
tissue craft paper
craft feathers
construction paper
tape and glue
any type of paint

Use your imagination and create.

Being thankful... should happen everyday for everything we have. So remember to say thank you to everyone and thank God for giving you all the things you have.

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  1. I remember making these in school. So cute.

  2. I also remember making these growing up. Cute.

  3. I still treasure and use my children's fall decorations - even though they are now in their 20's. They groan when I bring them out. I bring them out anyway!

  4. So cute, this year my kids have a task to make turkey from paper but in outfit so nobody can't catch it.....well, that's why I am dessert person:)


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