August 12, 2011

Painting river rocks

This rock painting was done by my daughter. She used the paint brush to get these effects, it is probably the way she handled the brush to paint it :)

river rocks
acrylic paint or fabric paint
paint brushes

These rocks can be found by a river or beach, it is also sold in craft shops. For these stones we used acrylic paint. I didn't dilute the paint much, but if needed use water sparingly.
Paint the first coat and then decorate only when the first coat is dry. Children can take a break between painting until the first layer dries then they can put designs.

I put fabric paint on the list because it can be used instead of acrylic paint. I have painted rocks using fabric paint which also last long on the rocks.

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  1. hi create withmom, this is very interesting, the painted rocks make great decor and paper weights. thanks for that and have a nice day.

  2. What a fun little project for little one!

  3. What a LOVELY project! I love those little painted stones!

  4. Lovely. I have one my daughter did that I will keep forever and ever.

  5. I love painting river rocks. You have so many lovely craft ideas!

  6. What a great idea. Last summer we collected rocks and painted them then sprinkled them with glitters. They came out so pretty. This year.. I will do it again with the kids but get them to be more creative and maybe we can focus on painting different things like sayings or animals etc. Thanks for the share.


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