August 18, 2011

How to sew a fabric yo yo

Fabric yo yos are decorative and simple to make, once you know how you will love to put it on to everything :)

Cut the cloth into a circle any preferred size. The final product will be about half the diameter of the initial circle. Can keep a round shape object, draw and cut.

Fold and sew a running stitch by folding a little or leaving it as is. Folding will give a clean stitch.

Keeping the finger in the middle pull the thread slowly and tighten it. And then stitch to the back so it doesn't unravel.

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  1. Hi! Akheela what a lovely space here and u r really creative mom.I'm sure lot's of thinks learn here. follow u:).

  2. ANOTHER fabulous and very creative post!

  3. Thank you for posting this. It brings back memories. I remember making these back in grade school. You're right, you can put these on everything. Have a great weekend.

  4. hi creativewithmom, you are such a dear mom, your kids are very lucky.
    i personally am not good and have no talent in sewing. have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm seeing fabric yo yos on tons of things this year. I think I'll stitch up a few myself, now that I see how easy it is.


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