July 30, 2011

Cushion covers

These cushion covers will take less than 10 minutes to make.

outdoor or drapery material
ruler or measuring tape
buttons optional

Measure the size of the cushion then fold the cloth according to the diagram below and cut the cloth.

I didn't put the exact measurements because the same method can be used for any size cushion or pillow.
Measure the cushion then fold the cloth and cut the three sides, when cutting make sure that one of the side is at least 3" longer so this piece can be tucked in and optionally buttons can be stitched. The above diagram will help when cutting and stitching.

For this project I used outdoor material from a fabric store and the cushion inside was pre made. The same method can also be used to make cushions and put filling in it, if you want to put filling there is no need to keep that extra length on one of the sides. Instead stitch all the sides.

Happy sewing :)

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  1. You make it look so easy and I love the fabric pattern, lovely cushion covers and SO summery and cheerful too!

  2. What pretty material, I need to do something like this for my patio chairs :)

  3. hi createwith mom, wow ! you are very crafty as well. how nice to be able to sew.
    i cant sew, only tacking hemlines :)
    Less than 10 minutes? have a great day

  4. These are gorgeous; however, as I am all thumbs with sewing, it would take me longer than 10 min. Wish I could sew better!


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