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Reasons to choose Moissanite over Diamond

Moissanite is the New Diamond
The ability of diamonds to stand the test of time is one of the many reasons these lustrous precious stones are highly cherished and valued. Their peculiar characteristics, most importantly their brilliant physical appearance have made them one of the most sought-after minerals produced by mother nature. Diamonds like other precious stones are widely utilized in engagement rings due to their exceptional strength and other unique properties. Diamonds are also used for several different things outside of the jewelry industry.

The importance of diamonds cannot be exaggerated, however, due to the rarity of the mineral and the high demand for the stone, the price of diamonds are unbelievably high. Selfish human desires of acquiring this precious mineral has driven many to act in ways that are unethical. The high price tag on diamonds engagement rings and the ethical ambiguity attached to it have driven many to seek a kinder and cheaper alternative.

Moissanite is the New Diamond
Moissanite is a rare mineral compound that was discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893. He made the discovery while examining rock samples from a meteor crater. The scientist at first mistakenly identified the Moissanite crystals as diamonds, this was later rectified by the same man 11 years later, stating that the diamond-look-like crystals were silicon carbide. Freshly mined silicon carbide needs to go through a series of scientific processes before it can be utilized commercially as moissanite.

The physical appearance of moissanite is similar to that of a diamond and it is almost impossible to spot the difference between the two even with aided eyes. Apart from moissanite being brilliant and lustrous like a diamond, it is also quite as hard. Moissanite is rare to find naturally, and a huge chunk of the mineral in circulation is produced using advanced laboratory processes. Moissanite is far cheaper than diamonds, and provide a considerable level of high-quality while saving consumers the emotional stress that may accompany buying a diamond product.

Purchasing the Best Moissanite Gemstone
Apart from identifying a great quality gemstone, considering factors that might affect how this precious stone turns out also matters. The setting in which the jewel finds itself can make or break the value of the stone. Since moissanite comes in a neutral colour, you don't have to worry much about the background material colour. Superior craftsmanship brings the best out of precious stones; the right cut and design could spark a fire from the stone. Another feature of moissanite that makes it a promising diamond alternative is its spectacular refractive abilities, its sparkle value is even considered to be higher than that of the diamond, making it appear far more radiant than the carbon allotrope.

First Step to Owning a Moissanite Gem
Even though Moissanite engagement rings are cheaper than diamonds it should not be seen as a cheap diamond replica. With moissanite you get more than your money's worth. Extra consideration should be placed on the setting of the jewel, a poor setting can damage the brilliance of the precious stone. With all necessary boxes ticked, it would make it easy to enjoy the glitz and glamour moissanite offers without straining the bank account or putting yourself under emotional stress.

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