Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Print Retro Photos using KiiPix ™ from TOMY

KiiPix photo printer
With cell phones always in hand, capturing everyday moments have become very easy for all of us. However, as convenient as it is to snap pictures and share it socially in today's digital age, the art of exchanging physical photos with friends and family or framing images to display has become difficult.
KiiPix photo printer
KiiPix ™ from TOMY (pronounce toe-me) is a portable, affordable, and easy-to-use instant film printer. We are happy that it doesn't require special apps and batteries, making it easy to capture, print, and share. This compact instant film printer turns our smartphone snaps into retro-style printed photos in three easy steps. 
KiiPix photo printer
  1. Simply open KiiPix 
  2. Place your phone on top 
  3. Push the button and turn the knob to watch KiiPix turn memories into physical, sharable photos we can give to our friends and family
For best results when printing: make sure your screen lock is on and that you turn your phone's brightness all the way up. Align the KiiPix frame to your phone and then place on top of KiiPix. Use the reflective mirror to make sure the photo is lined up the way you want it. We wish it was a little easier to place the phone over the frame. 
KiiPix photo printer
We like that this device can be easily taken anywhere with us because it folds to be compact. KiiPix is sold for $49.99 at Toys R Us, and is available in black, pink, and blue. The Instax Mini Film that is needed for this printer is not included.  
KiiPix photo printer
KiiPix is great for all stages of life and can be used in many ways:
  • Decorate a locker or dorm room
  • Photobooth for a special occasion: birthday, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, etc.
  • Baby's milestones to send to a grandparent
  • Or just a fun night out with friends
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  1. This is a handy device! I'd love to have something like this!

  2. This is such an unique idea and so practical.

  3. This looks fun and something the kids would love to have!!

  4. Very cool and looks simple enough for me to use!

  5. I really like this. So easy to get a print.
    Florence Cochrane

  6. How is the print quality? It sounds like it's a little hard to get everything lined up and working right.

    1. The print quality is okay when the brightness of the phone is increased. Yes it is a little tricky to get things aligned. Since it is an instant printer it makes the pictures look vintage and fun

  7. This looks really neat! My family would have fun with this! Love the vintage look of the photos - reminds me of my childhood!


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