February 14, 2017

Binge Watching Netflix Shows Guilt Free #ad

vegetable fritters
Have you ever cheated on your binge-partner after agreeing to watch the shows together? While we would not want to always admit, I am sure many of us have occasionally cheated and watched an episode, two or all of the shows without waiting for our binge-partner. This has definitely happened in our home between the adults and children on more than one occasion! 
Netflix uncovered that 46% of global viewers are cheating with their favourite Netflix shows. In Canada, over a third (37%) of couples have admitted to streaming without their partners. 

While binge watching shows like Marco Polo, Bloodline, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, One Day at a Time, we found them to be quite addictive that we didn't always wait for each other. There have been occasions where we have re-watched episodes just because we didn't want to admit and felt guilty about going ahead and watching the show.
To avoid feeling guilty, I admit to watching the episode just so I don't have to re-watch it and volunteer to prepare snacks like cassava chipsvegetable frittersbake a pizza or make a beverage until everyone in the family has a chance to catch up so we can watch it together! 

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