September 7, 2016

Making Netflix Movie Nights a little more planned

movie night netflix
Getting used to the weekly routine of a hectic work week and school especially in September doesn't leave much time for entertainment. So getting some time to sit back and relax during the weekends is something that we look forward to. This is also the time to catch up on what is on Netflix.
movie night netflix
If you have little ones they will enjoy dressing the part by wearing or having something that the characters in the shows have. My daughter used to be a Dora the Explorer fan when she was little and she used to carry the backpack and her monkey friend Boots just like Dora. My son used to wear his pirate bandana when he watched his favourite Disney Junior shows.

When you watch a show or movie as a family, maybe you can try playing a game like bingo while watching. We can create a bingo card for each family member and try to spot actions that commonly happen in movies such as shopping, crying, laughter and mark off the squares.
movie night netflix
You can also make movie nights special at home by setting up the scene. For example, when watching a movie like Zootopia, gathering all the stuffed animals and huddling while watching or putting up string lights across the room to recreate the magical lantern scene from Tangled. Children will also enjoy making their own props that are related to movies such as this sword and shield we made

You can try some of these ideas on your next movie night!

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