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Books For Children

up and down children's book
Having fun, educational, colourful books in our home library is important to me because these encourage my children to explore topics and find their interests. My children enjoyed these books that open up lots of conversations, and teach them lessons, as well as general knowledge information such as about our environment. The colourful illustrations encourage children to be engaged and read it many times. I like that it awakens their natural curiosity to explore, and learn.

Up in the Garden shows things that grow "up in the garden" and teaches about different leaves, sprouts, vegetables and fruits. It also teaches what is "down in the dirt" such as earthworms, skunks and more. Now that I can almost smell the fresh earth with the snow melting and the rain, this book got me excited about gardening. While reading this book, I also got an opportunity to talk to my children about what seeds we should plant. I like that the author has shown the busy world that takes place under the earth, and how composting happens naturally and the importance of every creature that is on earth.
over and under children's book
Over and Under the Snow is another book written by Kate Messner. This book is a wonderful tool to teach young children how animals spend their winter. The book explores about the lives of different animals such as owls, deer, squirrels, and more. It mentions how some animals live under the snow, and how some live over the snow. The author talks about the subnivean zone in terms that is easy for little children to understand. I like how this book encourages children to look for tracks on the snow while they are exploring nature in the winter. I really like that the author includes more information about the animals mentioned in the story.
seed is sleepy children's book
A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston and Silvia Long is an informative and colourful book that introduces children to all types of seeds. I like how this book elegantly, celebrates the beauty and wonder of different seeds. This book opens up conversations, questions, and encourages us to observe. I really admire the illustrations, and was happy to share the unique beauty of each of the different seeds with my children. 
seed is sleepy children's book
We learned some interesting facts from this book such as it takes about ten years before the bright red-orange seed of the Texas mountain laurel to show its purple blooms. I was impressed on how much we can learn from this book, and I am looking forward to check out the other books from this series such as the "An egg is Quiet," "A Butterfly is Patient," and "A Rock is Lively."
flashlight children's book
Flashlight by Lizi Boyd is an interesting book that has only pictures, and no words. Children and adults will enjoy going through and exploring what can be seen at night when we use a flashlight outdoors. 
flashlight children's book
Although, there are no words in this book, the pictures in this book opened up lots of conversations while and after we went through the book. The pictures in the book inspired us to do our own drawings.
chima children's book
Lego Legends of Chima, graphic novels 1 to 3 by Papercutz is a wonderful series that will encourage Lego fans to read and comprehend. My son really enjoys Chima stories, and enjoys reading these adventurous books over and over. I love the quality of the vibrant pictures and the book.
every little thing children's book
The book Every Little Thing based on Bob Marley’s song Three Little Birds is a wonderful board book for young children. It is beautifully illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, and adapted by Cedella Marley. This fun to read book has the message of being happy, caring, and learning from mistakes. It gives assurance that everything is going to be alright.
every little thing children's book
I love the collection of finger puppet books such as this Little Chick book because it is fun to engage children any age starting from babies. 
every little thing children's book
It talks about a baby chick that has come out of an egg, and about what it eats, how it feels, and the fun of being with others.
you are my heart children's book
You are my heart by Marianne Richmond is a sweet inspiring book, children will enjoy reading again and again. The wonderful pictures and the story will remind children to relate it to their own experiences. This book will also remind children how important they are to the family and also encourage parents to embrace the moments and be thankful for each other.

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  1. I like the finger puppet book, Little Chick.

  2. Sounds like lovely books for children ;)

  3. lots of great books, love the Little Chick

  4. I really love the illustrations and the topic behind Kate Messner's two books. On my 'to buy' list.

  5. What a fantastic line up of books. I really like all of them.


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