December 6, 2013

AstraZeneca #HumanEdge Exhibit At Ontario Science Centre

My family and I were happy to check out the preview of the AstraZeneca #HumanEdge Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre, which opens this weekend Saturday December 7th. This permanent exhibit hall will reveal innovative and exciting science through more than 80 exhibits, providing visitors with immersive, bodies-on experiences and new perspectives on unique artifacts. At the exhibit, we can explore all the wonders and possibilities of the human body, which made us appreciate and thank God for how miraculously we were created.
My son and daughter are at the age where they ask lots of questions about how we, humans came to be. They were both fascinated and interested to learn what is inside our bodies and how we grew from a tiny little egg.

The AstraZeneca Human Edge experiences are grouped into five thematic areas: 
In the Beginning explores in-utero development, the changes a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy, the remarkable changes humans undergo growing from a single cell to a new born baby and how environmental factors can influence the expression of genes. Tanks of fluorescent zebra fish demonstrate how humans inherit traits from their parents. 

Mind and Body Limits delves into the fundamentals of the human body – the muscular, skeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems. Visitors will learn about longevity and aging and hear compelling stories about real people who push the edges of what we previously believed to be humanly possible. Gaze inside the Visible Woman, and look at your future self with the Aging Machine. Learn about the mind body connection with the Glass Floor exhibit, which dramatically demonstrates the amygdala’s (the primitive reptilian portion of the human brain) fight or flight response. 

Pushing Past the Limits shows how the body responds when pushed past its limits. Concussions, brain injuries, broken bones, diabetes, and nutritional imbalances will all be examined through a scientific lens. Exhibits include the Wall of Pain, Banting & Best’s Laboratory and Brain Imaging. 

Outer Limits focuses on athletes and adventure-seekers who push their bodies to the limit in extreme environments, from ocean bottoms to mountain tops. Single Breath allows visitors to learn about champion free divers who descend to depths greater than 85 metres on a single breath of air. The Climbing Wall and Decision Maze demonstrate how seemingly simple decisions could mean the difference between life and death in a high-altitude environment. 

Personal Limits explores common fitness activities: running, rowing and dance. Are we born to run long distances? What’s the most important factor to win a rowing race – strength or synchronization? What’s the role of dance in communication and recreation across cultures? (The Personal Limits section of The AstraZeneca Human Edge will open in January 2014.) 
This Human Edge exhibit was built over a period of 18 months, using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and processes. Entrance to the new hall will be free with general admission to the Ontario Science Centre. 

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