Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strawberry picking and smoothie

Here is an easy refreshing smoothie. We made this using strawberries we picked at the farm.

1 ripe banana
1/4 cup strawberries washed and top removed
1/2 cup milk or more
1/2 cup water as needed if it is too thick
1 to 2 tbsp sugar to taste if needed

Blend everything together and serve chilled.
Fresh picked strawberries from local farms are satisfying. It is lots of fun to take the family and harvest strawberries. This would be a wonderful activity to do with children. They will love crawling and picking these sweet berries.
We also bought a hanging plant early Spring this year. It is lots of fun to harvest from the garden even if it is just a few. If strawberries are planted on the ground it will spread so I prefer to have a hanging plant, this is a colourful addition to the garden. We will try to take care of it Inshallah (God willingly) during the winter so we can have some next year :)
Beautiful white flowers and hanging strawberries.
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  1. What a great snack or breakfast!

  2. I was having such amazing smoothies almost every day till I had enough.. :) Lovely pictures as usually.

  3. Looks so good. I am putting in a strawberry patch next summer. I grew up with one. My Dad used to come home and gripe about how growing berries was a waste of time, he never got enough to do his jam. Little did he know we had tons but us kids spent our days out eating them by the pool while he was working. Lol!

  4. nothing better than fresh strawberries you just picked! The smoothie sounds like a perfect treat for anytime!

  5. Good luck with your lovely strawberry plant.

  6. This is beautiful, nothing better than freshly picked..awesome recipe for refreshing smoothie!

  7. Such a fun and healthy summer drink you cant beat this one~

  8. A great snack to cool off with! Especially after picking strawerries!

  9. That strawberry plant looks beautiful! And this smoothie sounds super tasty =)

  10. salam createwithmom, how are you dear.
    i simply love strawberries, bananas all in a smoothie.. can drink upm 1 jar >cold with ice cubes.. ni didnt realise until you say godwilling

  11. Strawberry-picking is really fun! Your picture for the strawberry plant is so beautiful...
    Awesome smoothie!

  12. mmmm yummy. LOVE strawberries. Makes me wish I had some in the house right now. Putting them on the grocery list!!

  13. We love strawberry picking! We have strawberry plants at my moms house but in the ground. The first year we had them the birds got to them so we covered them the next year and had so many yummy berries. Last year we had to move the garden and we transplanted them but they didn't come back very well. Hopefully this year they come back to life for us. Thanks for the great recipe. I also like making this... with no specific measurements just adjust to your liking.. Rhubbarb, strawberries boiled down like an applesauce, add sugar to taste and when done, cool and add sliced bananas. OMG to die for!!!


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