Thursday, March 3, 2011

French toast

Making french toast is simple, healthy and a wonderful start for the day.

What you need...

4 to 6 slices of bread
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 to 2 tbsp butter or margarine

Beat the egg and milk with a whisk.

Heat an omelette pan to medium high heat. Dip or soak the bread for a minute to coat each side, put a dab of butter on each side of the bread before putting on the heated pan.
Ask an adult for help when using the cooker. Cook layering the soaked bread a slice or two at a time depending on the pan. Flip and cook the other side. Sprinkle sugar if needed and serve warm on its own or with fruit.

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  1. Love your pictures! This looks delicious!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  2. You just can't go wrong with french toast, and not just for breakfast, we have been known to have our french toast with dinner and a nice fruity wine to accompany it. Love french toast, and love trying other peoples versions, thanks.

  3. I attempted to convince my nephew to let me make him French toast today; he turned me down. I am going to show him your pictures. I am sure he will change his mind!

  4. did you aver tried chocolate french toast - it is a bomb. I love your cooking always looks so good
    have a great day friend

  5. Came here through FB! My grandmother used to make great French toast, extremely moist and sweet - and after all these years, I've not found another like it. I can't replicate it myself - in India, the slices used to be thicker when we were kids and would soak well.

  6. Yummy stuff..I made some for my kids yesterday! Love your recipe without oil!:))much healthier!

  7. Congrats on making the top 9 today! This looks fantastic!

  8. This is my husband's favorite breakfast. Looks delicious! :)

  9. Sorry I mentioned about the Top 9... I was confused about what I saw on Foodbuzz. But you totally deserve it with these beauties!

  10. That is so cute you cut the crust's off! Great pictures, it looks really yummy :)

  11. Delish! French Toast is one of my favorites!!! Love your new blog look!!

  12. I love French Toast - it always makes me that much happier when I have it for breakfast! :)

    Beautiful photos!

  13. I never actually knew how to make it just knew the name - french toast :D

  14. This is one of the first things I ever cooked...and I still love it!

  15. Always a wonderful way to start the day. :)


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