Friday, March 28, 2014

Win a one-year subscription to Kidoodle.TV

Kidoodle.TV is a streaming video service for children age 12 and under, for a cost of $4.99/month. There are no advertisements in this mobile, safe service. I like the robust parental controls and time limit feature on Kidoodle.TV. The brightly coloured, user friendly interface allows parents to customize profiles for up to 5 children based on children's age, preferences or on a show-by-show basis.
Unlike the regular streaming service, parents have the ability to restrict Kidoodle.TV content based on age, viewing habits, and family values, leaving kids the power to choose what they want to watch from the tons of content that is available on Kidoodle.TV. 

As children get older, they desire the independence to make choices. However, as parents we face challenges on how much independence we should give our children because of the easy exposure to many inappropriate shows, commercials etc that doesn't go along with our family's values. Making the choices limited and having appropriate content available for my children gives me a peace of mind. 

Since we can see all the content offered through Kidoodle.TV, and can restrict the ones we don't want our children to watch, I don't have to worry myself when they are enjoying the shows and can get my work done when my children are watching. 
We have been using Kidoodle.TV for a while now, and really enjoy their content. I like that we can see the list of all the shows that are available for children to watch. Once I registered I got an email that explained how to navigate the parents room, which is simple and easy to use. I hope Kidoodle.TV will continue to upload more of their entertaining and educational content from different sources, so the content remains up-to-date and fresh. Philanthropist, Tom Crist is working with Kidoodle.TV to find ways to reach out and better the lives of children and families. 
I like that I can control screen time with Kidoodle.TV easily because we can set time limits on viewing through the secure Parents Room. This makes it easy for me to teach my children to learn to balance their time with other activities. Once the time is up a window pops up announcing that the time is done and it doesn't allow the child to click away and continue, unless the parents enter the code. This allows the children to recognize that there is a time limit, so we can take back our devices or computer with fewer arguments :) Children cannot access the programs without our permission, as it only works after parents enter the 4 digit pass code. 
The shows can be watched on the computer or we can download the app through the app store for our iDevices or through Google play for Android devices. The site/ app is perfect to take along with us when we go on long trips and can be used if we have access to the internet. This will allow us to have a little bit of quiet time in the car :) and during those moments we all need to sit back and watch something.
My family and I like watching shows related to nature, and we were pleased there were a few nature themed shows from National Geographic. We played some of these shows on our television through airplay and watched it together. Since my daughter started reading Archie comics, she was excited to watch the Archies cartoon. Other shows my children enjoyed are Rescue Bots, inspector gadget and more. 
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Update: The winner is Brianne

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  1. I have never heard of it before, but what a good idea!
    I'm from NW Ontario.
    I like that there is a time control.

  2. I live in Mississauga, Ontario . I had never heard of Kidoodle until I read this. I like the fact that I can set a time limit for this.

  3. I live in BC and had never heard of Kidoodle. I like that it's all kid shows, I don't have to worry about it being wildly inappropriate.

  4. I'm in BC. I haven't heard about Kidoodle, but I really love how you can set time limits for your kids!

  5. I'm in Ontario, I have heard of Kidoodle, I like that there is a parental passcode.

  6. I live in Ontario. Had not heard of Kidoodle TV before this blog post. I really like that you can put daily limits on the viewing time.

  7. I live in Alberta , no I haven't heard of Kidoodle until today . It sounds absolutely amazing though my 3 youngest would love it

  8. I live in alberta and have never heard of kidoodle before today! I love that it has parental controls and no commercials!

  9. I live in Saskatchewan and have never heard of Kidoodle.TV before. After reading your review I like that it is available on a variety of devices.

  10. I live in Sw Ontario and had never heard of Kidoodle tv. I like the parental controls available!

  11. I'm in Alberta, and have never heard of Kidoodle TV. I like the parental controls that are there.

  12. I live in Ontario. I love that we can have access to shows like Chuck the Truck which we cant find on tv here. And no ads!! Awesome! My son loves it!!

  13. Bailey Dexter I live in ON I never heard of Kidoodle TV, but after reading about it sounds great!

  14. I'm in BC and I have never heard of Kidoodle TV. After reading the post, I like that I can set a time limit on how long my child can watch a show.


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