Friday, August 31, 2012

National Waffle Week

Happy National Waffle Week from September 2 to 8th.

Unique Belgique shares some waffle history:
  • Waffles got their start in the Middle Ages as wafer cakes or crisps made of flat bread.
  • Waffle cones filled with ice cream started at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904 when an ice cream vender ran out of cups and asked a nearby waffle maker for help.
  • Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron from France and held parties known as “Waffle Frolics” in the White House.
  • General Electric invented the electric waffle iron in 1911, making waffles an easy, at-home meal made from cheap ingredients like flour and eggs.
  • Americans enjoy waffles today because they are the perfect mix of warm sweetness with a crisp outside and a soft baked inside.  They can be served at any meal or as dessert.

Different type of waffles
  • Belgian Waffles are an American creation based on Brussels waffles.  This is denser and thinner than the Brussels version.
  • Liege waffle originates in Eastern Belgium and is a thick and chewy waffle topped with pearl sugar crystals sold as street food. 
  • Waffles in Hong Kong are known as “grid cakes” and come in flavors like chocolate, honey melon and peanut butter.
  • Vietnam Pandem waffles have a coconut flavor and a green color on the inside.

More celebrations happening here during the National waffle week. 

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  1. I love waffles...they're so divine!

  2. There's a National Waffle Week?? Don't let my husband find out, 'kay?

  3. I missed National Waffle Week:( Thanks for the info on waffle facts. Now, I'll have to make some waffles, belatedly.


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