Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rose syrup sparkling drink and Essie nail polish for a party

This is refreshing non-alcoholic drink that the whole family can enjoy, suitable for a party too :)

1 cup of bottle green sparkling water *
1 tbsp of rose syrup

Mix and enjoy this delicious rose syrup sparkling drink :)  Increase the amount of ingredients as needed.
*I used sparkling press from bottle green.
The sparkling water can be used for cooking and desserts too, there are lots of delicious ideas on their site.

All the ladies and girls will enjoy this colourful metallic nail polish from Essie, which doesn't contain any ingredients derived from beef or pork.  I like the choice of colours they have and I think you will too :)

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  1. Where do you get rose syrup? Can you get it in any shop?

    I like that silver blue..ish color the most I guess (1st from the left)

    1. I got the rose syrup from Walmart, also available at Indian grocery stores and at the grocery sections.
      Popular brand is rooh afza sharbat

  2. What a lovely drink! Love the color of it and love the color of those polishes!!! So summery and pretty.

  3. Such a pretty drink! And I love the nail polish colors, sooo cute!

  4. Wonderful drink: simple, delicious and beautiful! Thank you for sharing it on RecipeNewZ! It was very popular on our site today and as such was featured on our new Facebook page:

    1. Thank you I am happy to see that the readers like this drink

  5. lovely drink, rose season here and I will be baking rose cakes too. Love the smell and the taste and oh the colour!

  6. i'd love to try to make this! this would go great with spa day or a awards show watching party!!


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